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We offer the best quality, smallest Juliana piglets at the best prices on the market today. 

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We are not a "piggy mill"!  The parents of our piglets are our pets.  We do not over breed or in-breed any of our pigs. Our pigs are indoor/house pigs and the babies are handled, very socialized and friendly.

•Don't be fooled by others who use the terms "teacup pig, micro, nano, etc." Those are marketing term and can be deceiving.  We use the term "miniature pig" to describe size.

•Producing outstanding, healthy piglets is something that we love to do, not something that we do just for the money.

•We take extreme pride in offering small, healthy, high quality piglets.  We guarantee all of our piglets to be healthy upon delivery.  They also come with a 1 year written health guarantee! Our parents are fully mature and given the best diet available before birth to help ensure healthy babies.  Our pigs do not have mites/mange or worms. We also provide lifetime support to out families. Helping our families helps keep our babies in lifetime homes.

•Once the piglets are born, they are left with mom for the best “diet” until weaning time. Piglets are weaned slowly on to a diet of pellets & veggies.  The piglets are also wormed and started on vitamins. We will not sell a piglet as a “bottle baby”.  Piglets do best with their moms and we have never had a problem with bonding to the new families. 

•The babies are handled and socialized from birth.  By weaning time (around 4-5 weeks) they think of people as additional parents. We keep you posted with updates and "pigtures" weekly as they grow. The piglets are ready for their new homes at about 6-8 weeks, but only if everyone is eating well and healthy.

•Yes, they are litter box trained!   Males piglets are neutered. Females piglets spayed before homing unless other arrangements are made. Breeding rights are available for purchase on select piglets to qualified buyers.

•.All piglets from parents registered through the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR) are automatically elegible for registration.  Registration papers are furnished with the piglet.

•We want all of our piglets and their families to do well together. All babies go home with a “New Piglet Info Packet” that will help with their care and give you some “heads-ups” on what you might look out for or expect in the future.   Babies are also started with a baggie of food, blanket and their first harness.  We also provide support to answer questions or concerns as your piglet grows. 

•Very important: We welcome screened families to visit our farm and meet our pig parents before or when you select your piglet.  All visits are done by appointment only.

  •We know that size matters.  Our pig parents are true mini pigs, not starved small.  However, we can not guarantee an adult size of any piglet. Genetics and feeding program are the two main feactors in adult size.  On average our adults range from 12-15" tall. Weights vary. The expected adult size of a piglet is in the range of the parent’s size.   

Again, we stress that not all pigs are created equal!  Don’t be fooled.  There are a lot of people misrepresenting the parents size, breeding of immature pigs and the basic conditions that the animals are kept in.  Most customers want a “forever pig” not just a cute baby that will weigh 300+lbs later!  We stand behind the size and quality of piglets that we offer and we're not afraid to prove it.  Our past customers are our best references! We are happy to provide as many references as you like.  You can even have our vet info to verify  our pigs quality care.

Available piglets & purchase information is listed on the following page.  All piglets are sold on a first-come/first serve basis.   

We can not hold any piglet without a deposit. 

Please do LOTS of research before making a 15 yr commitment to an animal.  A rehomed pig grieves for their lost family. They cry real tears too. 

**It is very important that you check local zoning ordinances BEFORE purchasing any pet pig. They can be considered "swine" or "livestock" and not allowed in some areas.  

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