Upcoming Litters & Who's Due??


Our Waiting List System

No piglets available?  That happens often for a couple of reasons. #1 is because we are not a piggy mill. We only do selective breedings for selective litters. Quality over quantity! #2 Our piglets are in high demand. Most of the piglets are sold as soon as they are born. The piglets that are posted sell very fast.

If you are interested in purchasing a piglet, we highly encourage you to make the $100 deposit to get on the waiting list.  That deposit gets you a picking order on any future litter. You can pick or pass and never lose your place on the list. Best of all- you have nothing to lose!  The deposit is 100% refundable up until the time you select a specific piglet. 

Please message us for info on how you can make a deposit for your perfect piglet. 


Planning Ahead

Waiting for the perfect piglet?  Waiting for a certain set of parents? Or certain time frame?  It is highly encouraged to make the deposit to get on the list asap.  No time too early since the deposit is refundable up until a piglet is selected. You really have nothing to lose! 


We are on summer baby break. Look for more great piglets in October. Accepting deposits on all future litters. Additional litters will be posted as love blooms!

PiGee/Snort litter


Hoping for October 1st

JPAR Juliana.

Price range: $1000-1150.

Accepting deposits now.

juliana mini pig

Jewel/Boomtastic! litter


Hoping for early October 

JPAR Juliana  

Price range: $1000-1150

Accepting deposits now.