Quality Julianas Make Quality Babies!


Windward's Sir Snortsalot

"Snort".  Registered JPAR 100% purebred Juliana.  Dob: 9/15/17.  Specially chosen to become the new superstar of our breeding program.  Bright white coloring & one blue eye for character.  And, Snorty is full of character!  Loves to strut around but is a true lovebug when it comes to belly rubs. Snort is staying a nice small size & displays wonderful Juliana breed characteristics.  A great choice for "baby's daddy".

Expecting 1st Snort litters soon!


Windward's Boomtastic! (Boomer for short)

The "Boomer".  Registered JPAR Juliana.  Dob: 1/5/18. We're excited about this little guy!  Boomer joined our program in 2018.  What a nice, gentle little guy!  Great Juliana characteristics in a teeny-tiny package.  Boom brings the beautiful darker silver coloring  to our program.

Now producing some great litters!  Also throwing blue eyed babies. Look for baby Booms in the nursery!  


Windward's Gracie

"Gracie"  is something special!  Mixed mini.  7 yrs old. Gray with pink markings. The cutest little pig here and she steals every one's hearts with her charm.  Gracie has a variety of colored piglets.  Great size. We have kept daughter Missy Mouse to replace her aging mother.



Our delightful "Snickers"  Registered JPAR 100% Juliana. Dob: 5/26/16.  One of our new girls to the program. Love the confirmation & rust coloring. Snickers is just a tiny little thing!  Expecting her 1st litter Nov 2018. Excited!  


Windward's Moxie

"Moxie" Our beloved daughter of Roxie & Yogi. Dob: 12/15/14. 1/2 Juliana & 1/2 mixed mini. Moxie is a sweet little black tuxedo girl. Staying a nice small size. Moxie litters are fun!  Some colored like mother, some spotted like father.  All beautiful, healthy babies.

Our Current Breeding Females


Ballards Shades of Dusk "aka PiGee"

"PiGee!" (pronounced P-I-Geee, not "piggy) JPAR registered "Ballards Shades of Dusk". Juliana. Dob:5/7/13. PiGee joined our program early in 2016. This girl is producing some gorgeous babies! . PiGee is a very light framed girl. Gorgeous coloring with a great personality.  She passes her best traits on to her babies. Watch for more PiGee babies soon.


Windward's Sophie

Registered JPAR 100% Juliana. Our blue-eyed beauty and one of the prettiest pigs you will ever see.  Sophie is the 5 yr old daughter of our Lucy & Yogi. A product of the best bloodlines we have to offer. Sophie continues to produce  gorgeous babies. Usually bred to Grunt but we look forward to possibly blue eyed babies with her from Snort some day. Watch for more sophie babies coming soon!


Minnie of Windward Oaks

“Minnie” is our little blue eyed jewel!  Not only small and gorgeous but snuggly and fun to have around too! Minnie produces some of the nicest piglets that we have had.   Many Minnie piglets are sold to breeders as breeding stock. 75% Juliana. Dob: 1/31/09


Windward's Missy Mouse

"Missy Mouse" Dove gray daughter of our Gracie & Yogi. Dob: 12/8/15. AMPA registered.  1/2 Juliana & mixed mini.  Mouse is just something special. Not only beautiful but chuck full of personality! She is really staying small.   Great mother and great piglets! Pigtured VERY pregnant! 


Windward's Tiny Jewel

"Jewel".  DOB: 10/28/16. JPAR Juliana. Our precious blue eyed treasure! Daughter of our Minnie. This piglet stole our hearts right from day one.  Not only beautiful but as sweet as they come.  Expecting her 1st litter late 2018.


Windward's Magnolia Blossom

"Blossom"  DOB: 9/28/16.  3rd generation JPAR Juliana. Beautiful daughter of our Maggie & Yogi Boar.  Such a pretty & correct female. Chosen to some day carry on her parents lines. Look for babies some time in late 2018.  


Windward's Lil Bit of Candy

Sweet Candy!   Dob: 10/31/17  JPAR Juliana. Arrived as a treat on Halloween 2017. Daughter of Minnie & Grunt. Such beautiful coloring.  This girls got the pedigree to produce babies that dreams are made of. Excited to see what she will mature into as she grows. 

Looking Forward to Our Future!


Windward Oaks Pebbles

JPAR Juliana

Dob: 4/10/19

Parents: Sophie & Grunt


Windward's Tiny Bubbles


JPAR Juliana

Dob: 4/10/19

Parents: Sophie & Grunt


Lovingly chosen to carry on the legacy of their father.

Windward Oaks Sir Gruntsalot  ("Grunt")

In Loving Memory: Windwards Sir Gruntsalot 4/09-4/19


My teacher, my business partner but most of all, my beloved friend.

 “Grunt” was my best buddy & our founding little Juliana boar.    Gone far too soon & missed more than words can say. 

 Grunt was my 1st mini pig & a friend when I needed one the most.  He grew to become a farm favorite for his charming "clown-like" personality.  Grunt was a "people pig", loved to play "dress-up", ride in the car, do tricks and go camping!  A trip to the barn to "help me" with chores was the highlight of his day.  He loved having visitors over to see his beautiful babies. Everyone loved Grunt!

Grunt passed his great looks & personality on to many wonderful piglets.  I find great joy in hearing/seeing the many ways that Grunt brought joy to others through his babies. I proudly watch his offspring  carry on his legacy all over the country.   We retained many of Grunt's beautiful daughters for the breeding program.  I often see Grunt in their character & a brief glint in their eye.  I know his spirit lives on through them.  

 Grunt was truly an ambassador for pet pigs worldwide & is missed by many.  



My Soul Pig


My Love

Loved beyond reason. Missed more than words can say.

May he rest in peace until we meet again.