Juliana: The fine little house swine!


We specialize in the true mini Juliana Pig

  Windward Oaks Farm isn't just about horses!  The miniature Juliana pigs moved in about 10 years ago and have become the "farm" favorites....while living in the house!   Our pigs are not our "business", they are our pets.   It took awhile to get the right breeding stock in place but now that it's here...magic happens!  We now offer some of the smallest, most beautiful, spotted Juliana's on the market. But we know that people like variety too. That's why we have added some mixed females to our breeding program. Always fun to be able to offer some different colored piglets. Still the same small size and quality though!

     Don't be fooled and please don't believe all of lies going on in the pig market today.  ALL piglets are born "micro or teacup size" and there is no "10-30lb" healthy adult pig.  The words "teacup, micro & mini" are terms used to describe size, not a breed of pigs. Also, those terms are not standard and can mean different things depending on who is using them.   If fed correctly, our piglets will stay small in adulthood. We only breed mature animals so you have the actual AND correct size that your piglet will mature to.  You are always welcome to meet the parents of your piglet.  Dated pictures of piglets (with mother) are also available. We stand behind the piglets that we offer with a 1 yr health guarantee.  We are very easy to work with and will be here for support as your babies grows. 

   We are now accepting inquiries and deposits on all 2019 litters.  Check the "available piglets" page for more details on available piglets & up-coming litters. 

 **A word of advice: If you are truly interested in owning one of our piglets, a $100 deposit is strongly suggested.  A lot of piglets are sold before birth to people who have placed a deposit on the litter.  Deposits are completely refundable if we can not offer you a perfect piglet.

 Also, please be sure to check your local ordinances for zoning regarding owning a pig as a pet. They are not allowed in all areas.

Quality & care are important to get the perfect piglet!

All piglets are house raised, socialized, litter box trained and  weaned to solid foods. All are spayed or neutered before going home. They go home healthy plus come with an additional 1 year health guarantee on genetics. We offer life time support to our piglets & their families. We are proud to be reputable, honest breeders that stand behind our babies!  Our past customers are our best references.  Happy to let you talk with them. That says it all!           

What is a real Juliana?

The Juliana pig is it's own unique breed of pig.  

All of our Juliana pigs are registered through the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR).  The registry verifies Juliana standards, size, age and confirmation.  Our Juliana's are proven to be what we say they are.  Not many breeders can say that!    All piglets from registered parents are automatically elegible for registration.  Registration papers are furnished with sales.   

Click on the link below for more info on the Juliana Pig Association & Registry.  

Windward Oaks Juliana's: Reputable breeder of Quality Juliana's.

Owner & operator & life member of the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR)


Certified Breeder- American Mini Pig Association (AMPA)  


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